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What is CWAC?

CWAC is short for Crystal Waters And Conondale. It's a directory for the local community to connect.
CWAC is pronounced ’quack’, like a duck.

Why use CWAC?

Search for what you need, and list your skills, services or products to the local community - or worldwide. You'll support and encourage a local circular economy.

Who Uses CWAC?

CWAC isn't just for Crystal Waters and Conondale. Anyone with a connection to the Queensland 4552 postcode can create a listing.

About Crystal Waters and the region

Crystal Waters is an environmentally and socially-responsible rural subdivision, designed using permaculture principles, with a population of over 230 people. Located in Conondale, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland, between Maleny and Kenilworth, Crystal Waters is set in 650 acres of bushland at the headwaters of the Mary River.

CWAC centres from Crystal Waters, to provide visitors, residents and the wider community the opportunity to share goods and services. It also covers the 4552 postcode, so providers to Crystal Waters in neighbouring towns can create a listing.

These include:

Crystal Waters - Photo credit: Emmanuel Letellier


Our vision for CWAC

As at the time of launch, we’re reaching out to everyone in the community to list their services, fresh produce, and specialty products. Our vision is for everyone in Crystal Waters – whether they’ve been here for 30+ years, or are staying for a few days – to be able to connect with others who have a matching need or offering.

Listings will have an expiration date, so you can always know that the information on CWAC is accurate and current.

We’re also adding Events shortly – that’s actually a huge challenge in itself! And one day, we’d love to have a members-only forum within CWAC.

And in the future…we’d love for CWAC as a platform to support a decentralised, circular economy system within the Crystal Waters community.

Kirsty Saint and Emmanuel (Manu) Letellier


How CWAC began

We (Kirsty and Manu) moved to Crystal Waters mid-2018, and we’re fortunate enough to work from home as a digital marketing strategist, and a web developer / IT technician.

Having come from the city, and in the early days, not yet knowing many people, we were often perplexed how to manage the day-to-day living on our new country property, and who to contact for help.

We knew hundreds of people lived here, so we looked for a directory of service providers, but didn’t find one.

As we started meeting and connecting with people in the community, we learnt that many people offered services, but they didn’t know how to get the word out.

So, it just made sense for us to build a directory!


Need help?

Please visit the help page



If you’re able to, we’d greatly appreciate your donation (of any amount) to support us to grow CWAC.


You can donate via PayPal.me.


Or with cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin (BTC) address:  35Na6DHVGReXg6SeXShvC3viRX18tBNQV8

Ethereum (ETH) address: 0xa4378d100358bee950a6a01ff981d243e6b14b3e


Thank you!

Kirsty and Manu