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Growing Community Circle

The purpose of ‘Growing Community Circle’ is to use creative facilitation, gatherings, visual media, pertinent questions and conversations to enliven, explore and contribute to a thriving Crystal Waters community. 

Our Next Gathering will be in 2020

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NOTE new email: michael@ecovillagevoice.com



Newsletter for November 2019 – Roles: https://conta.cc/2XkyVuw

Newsletter for September 2019 – Visions: https://conta.cc/32usIxN

Newsletter for August 2019 – Values: https://conta.cc/32IVUBY



Video Library


Q How to get involved?

1. Subscribe to our mailing list - eaglespiritmedia@gmail.com
Once or twice a month you will receive a programme for the next gathering, as well as links to other resources to inform you further.

2. Attend our gatherings...
They are aimed to be fun, educational and helping to foster positive developments in the community. Kaleidoscope screenings at Eagle Spirit Media and elsewhere will offer information related to the themes we explore in our monthly Growing Community Circle gatherings.

3. Invite your friends...
We are hoping to reach the entire community and active participation helps create momentum and action. The sooner you engage, the faster we will develop as a community.

4. Provide feedback...
All gatherings are shaped by what is happening around us and who is being active. We love to hear of new things but also do not shy away from critical views too. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

5. Contribute...
We welcome hearing your ideas, and proposals and also any donations will be used for enhancing this group activity... specifically expenses for website, mailing list, posters, and supplies for events.

Q PREVIOUS GATHERING - 25 August 2019 - Values

Sunday 25 August 2019.
More info: https://conta.cc/31LJ58P

Kirsty Saint introduced CWAC - a directory for Crystal Waters and Conondale - https://cwac.com.au/

Let's Explore Values!

Daniel Pinnington explored what "values" are, and why they are foundational to our lives, and so important for growing community. We cannot know who we are or where we are going without defining our values. It is difficult to make decisions or act effectively if we are unclear about what is most important to us.

Robin Clayfield presented an exercise that works well as a framework for crystalising visions and actions based on our values. Robin will lay out on the ground a Wholistic Goal Setting Mandala, developed by Robina McCurdy, which places "Values" in the centre of all the components and streams of action or development that make up an organisation or project.

Michael Ney (Kaleidoscope) screened - 1 Giant Leap - an inspirational, musical documentary with pearls of wisdom. Trailer: https://youtu.be/h5gTIoC-o6A


Report on Growing Community Circle #2 - Let's Explore Our Values - 25 August 2019

Approx 25 people attended on a warm Sunday afternoon and it seemed like everyone enjoyed our interactive offerings - and over half the attendees stayed for the movie too. Ongoing, we hope this format will work to suit most people. Feedback so far reflects that people feel what this circle offers is valuable and worthwhile.

However, after 2+ hours of workshop a movie may be too much for some folk. So, in future, the movie will be presented as a separate Kaleidoscope event - still on the same day, and still with a topic related to the theme of that day's Growing Community Circle. Please keep an eye on https://cwac.com.au/directory/growing-community-circle/ for updates - and please subscribe to the email list - growingcommunity@vivaldi.net

So, the day unfolded like this...

Every month we will celebrate new initiatives as they arise... Kirsty Saint and Manu Letellier introduced CWAC – the Crystal Waters and Conondale directory (pronounced ‘quack’) and demonstrated how to make your listing. Kirsty explained that CWAC is a public directory - not just for Crystal Waters, but includes anyone in the 4552 postcode - or who has a connection with the area. It allows you to search for what you need, and list your skills, services or products to the community - or worldwide. All residents are encouraged to use it to search the listings, or create their own.

Visit it at https://cwac.com.au – and if you need any help writing or creating your listing, email directory@cwac.com.au



Our personal needs and our strongly held values underpin so much of how we interact and contribute to groups. I enjoyed that we looked into our own values before considering core values we could hold together as a 'Community' to help us thrive and grow more deeply into the successful and vibrant village we are becoming. We only skimmed the surface of Robina McCurdy's 'Wholistic Goal Setting Mandala' with my facilitation though we were all able to place several core values into the centre to inform, hypothetically, the many arms and elements of the Community. We also experienced how a process like this can support our community collaboration and participation.

My highlights were
- being outside and all of us around the mandala and contributing
- hearing each other
- hearing so much common ground
- seeing people come out of the woodwork to attend and connect to 'Growing Community Circle'.



Another great attendance for our second Growing Community event with many commenting on the energy of change that seems to be present here. My personal highlights were hearing people’s core values and wishes in relation to Crystal Waters, the momentum and energy that the group has, how engaged people are with the process, and seeing several members of the Coop board in attendance. A couple of us have volunteered to collate everyone’s suggestions from Robin’s mandala process and share this with the circle so we can continue to build on the outcomes of each session.

Some memorable and sage comments from the event:
“From small seeds big trees grow”
“When we get overly ambitious is when things can fall over”
“It’s like a Crystal Waters renaissance”
“This is great but I want to see some actions”



Feels like our Growing Community Circle family is taking shape. It is so gratifying to hold events which are well attended. Thank you!

Our intention is to build the momentum and start moving towards a well researched base arising out of our common values - and the next event will bring forth our individual and collective visions which began with the working groups gatherings a few months back.

It was heartening to witness so many overlapping common values - feels to me like a clarion call for action to spring forth. Let’s keep working on it… and it would be great to have more of the younger folk too please.

Then later, the musical documentary, 1 Giant Leap, was appreciated by the dozen folk who stayed on. Later this year I'll be screening the Making-Of again... 120 minutes of inspiration, music and wisdom. If you have requests for topics or particular movies please let me know. Keep an eye on https://cwac.com.au/directory/kaleidoscope/ for latest news.

Q Who is the Growing Community Circle team?

Robin Clayfield - is a Permaculture Pioneer and international educator specialising in Social Permaculture, creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership. Author of many books, a training manual and various resources to support educators and community workers. Robin consults for individuals, intentional communities globally and supports those who work for 'the solution' to be more effective, successful and empowered through harvesting solutions, fostering collaboration and using 'Dynamic Group' work and creative problem solving. She has lived at Crystal Waters EcoVillage for over 31 years having bought into the plan in the mid 80s. - https://www.dynamicgroups.com.au

Daniel Pinnington is a chartered accountant and business adviser who specialises in business planning and strategy. A professional adviser to entrepreneurs and start-ups with experience in business planning and financial control for multi-national corporations (Sony Europe, Virgin Media). Daniel's primary interest now is on the transformation of individuals and society using business as a vehicle for change. He is committed to helping build organisations based around our core values that can help to create the foundations of a society we can be proud to pass on to future generations.

Michael Ney (Eagle Spirit Media) is a filmmaker and a digital media producer. His most recent documentary is "Crystal Waters - 30 Years On" which celebrates the world's first permaculture ecovillage near Maleny QLD. Michael delivered many successful projects, primarily video related, for major clients in Sydney over the past 3 decades. His various other professional adventures include photography (Nature & Health, Simply Living) and photojournalism (Sonics, Rolling Stone), multimedia presentations (Westpac, The University of Sydney), live events (OzDox, Popcorn Taxi and festival events), social media, web development and publishing. His ongoing passion is promoting a sustainable future for ‘Cultural Creatives’ - eco-business, healthy lifestyles and art and artists. Michael is available for video production work and digital media consultancy in the SE QLD area. - http://bit.ly/eagle-spirit-media

Q PREVIOUS EVENT - 29 September 2019

Growing Community Circle #3
Let’s Share Our Visions

DATE: Sunday 29 September
TIME: Doors open 2.30pm for 3pm start
Going up to 5pm-ish
VENUE: Eagle Spirit Media – Lot 66, Crystal Waters

We’ll start by celebrating TWO community initiatives:

Growing Local with Natasha Nouveau – If you haven’t done the survey as yet – please do: https://forms.gle/Ks3wg9aFNgo4GyAk7

and “Trees on the Green” project proposal with Cassian Humphreys

Some short recent “work-in-progress” video clips from the “Visions & Lessons” documentary project by Michael Ney – featuring Bob Sample, Steve Cran in conversation with Daniel Pinnington, as well as Steve with Morag Gamble. These explore visions for Crystal Waters as well as the Centre of Advanced Permaculture project.

Daniel: The growing community events are building on the energy of change at CW and inspiring everyone to come together to take action. The values from the last session help us to understand our common ground and how we move forward together. I’ll give my interpretation of what I believe the values are saying and how we can take them and build a vision to put these into action. We’ve been laying the foundations to move the community to the next level. I look forward to seeing everyone who’s ready to participate in this exciting journey.

Michael: My presentation explores “Visions” of how we can establish even more educational and community opportunities. Together, with more communication, and bold and engaging events, we can move towards establishing this ecovillage as a centre of learning.

Robin: Last months ‘Growing Community’ gathering supported us to look at Values and we placed some very important Community focused values in the centre of the ‘Wholistic Goal Setting Mandala’. On Sunday, we’ll lay out the Mandala again and use it as the grounding pattern to hold the dreams and visions that people have for Crystal Waters. We can also include the visions expressed in a previous workshop that the Co-Ordination Group for the Co Op’s Working Groups ran some months ago. I’m excited to offer this process and support the next steps into action for our most important and valued visions.


Then, after dinner, continuing on a theme of Visionaries… Kaleidoscope screening – Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud
See the trailer: https://vimeo.com/63097069

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start – ending about 9pm

Suggested donation $6 – includes teas and coffee.

See the full newsletter at: https://conta.cc/2m9716N

and previous newsletter has a report from August gathering.


Kaleidoscope Extra
29 September 2019

Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud
See the trailer: https://vimeo.com/63097069
Info: https://cwac.com.au/directory/kaleidoscope/

Q Previous Event

Growing Community Circle #4

Let's Define Our Roles

DATE: Sunday 17 November
TIME: 4pm start
VENUE: Eco Village Voice - Lot 66, Crystal Waters

See the full newsletter at: https://conta.cc/2m9716N

and previous newsletter has a report from August gathering.


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