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Checkout Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist Watch Video

Sandy is a Brain Trainer, Registered Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist, Havening, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

She offers Self Empowered Brain Training Programs for people to live happier, healthier and fulfilled life. Not only dealing with psychological and emotional difficulties for individuals, but also helping them to achieve optimal state of well being.

Having been working with over 600 people, Sandy is able to find the root causes of their problems, remove their subconscious blockages and underlying fears, achieving the changes that they wish.

Free free to book a FREE Hypnotic-NLP Zoom Call at mihh.com.au

Q How Hypnotherapy Works?

Hypnotherapy combined with Psychotherapy is much more effective than talk therapy. The reason is that, when there is conflict between our emotion and intellect, our emotion will always win.

Our subconscious mind stores all our memories, our history and it’s where we formed our beliefs. When we get triggered, it is a subconscious reaction. Talk therapy won’t be able to help you to change any subconscious reactions nor remove any subconscious blockages, and that’s when hypnotherapy comes into play.

Most of the time, the issue itself is never the issue. Through hypnotherapy, we will be able to find out the underlying cause of the issues as your subconscious mind already has all the answers.

Imagine you have a new laptop, but the software is all outdated. The laptop most probably may have crashes, so you need to upgrade the programme, the software, in order to make the laptop work effectively.

During a hypnotherapy session, our hypnosis therapist guides you into a state of trance using various hypnotherapy techniques. After the state of trance is reached, she facilitates you to access your subconscious mind and work with it. This way, she gets to understand what’s really going on in your subconscious level and resolve it.

Q How Do I Know If Hypnosis Works For Me Or Not?

Hypnosis is nothing less than the deliberate creation of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state in ourselves. By deliberately activating the REM state, we open the interface with the subconscious, where our brainwave slows down to alpha state, and we become highly receptive and suggestible for changes.

All the work we do here at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy is through collaboration. As a hypnotherapist, we act as a guide of your internal experience, the mediator of different parts of your psyches. Thus, as long as you have the willingness to go within, you can get to a hypnotic state very easily. Being present, mindful of your inner experience is the key.

What it takes for a successful session, is your willingness to follow the instructions and TRUST the process. Our Clinical hypnotherapists will help you with their expertise to achieve whatever you desire to change or overcome. Know that EVERYONE can rewire, re-program their brain.

Q How’s the Hypnotic Experience Like?

The majority of our clients describe hypnosis as a pleasant, relaxing, and even interesting experience. When you are in the state of trance, you breathe slower and deeper, with your limbs and eyelids feeling heavy.
Through the facilitation by our experienced hypnotherapist, you will be drifted off and taken to different time and space, to where the root cause of your problems lie at the subconscious level.

Remember, you will be in control fully, aware of what we are doing. You will be focusing on your inner world, your inner experience, including your sensations, feelings and emotions. The more you allow yourself to tune in, the more successful your session will be.

Unlike the hypnosis you find in Youtube, for some sessions, we will have interactions with your subconscious mind through dialogues, getting to understand the agenda, fears of different parts/psyches, to allow all parts/psyches to work together in harmony. Remember, you will be fully in control throughout the hypnotherapy session.

Many of our clients realise their issues, or even feel a shift right after the first session.

Q How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?

The number of online hypnosis sessions needed is taken on a case-by-case basis and decided between the client and online therapist depending on their needs. For each program, there are initial online therapy sessions stated. For example, quitting smoking needs at least 3 online hypnosis sessions. While dealing with trauma needs at least 6 online hypnosis therapy sessions. The goal of online therapists at MIHH is to help clients design the best treatment program with lasting results.

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