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Hi, I’m Cait 🙂 my partner Pospi and I would like to introduce ourselves and express our interest in Crystal Waters. We are looking for a lifestyle change and we’ve interacted with enough residents over the years to know that these are our people and we’d enjoy our time there.

Myself – I am super into energetic healing, natural therapies and the plant world. My calling at the moment is to learn more about herbs and native plants whilst giving back to mother Gaia, and I have aspirations to learn more about food production and permaculture, as well as distilling my own essential oils. Also, I run a small business online, mostly focused on crystal healing.

Pospi is a web geek who builds community-owned systems for resource sharing and coordination. He’s taking time off paid work this year and living on a small cryptocurrency stash in order to help build the foundations for a new more ethical economy. With luck, that stuff will find footing before he has to go back to working for the man and he can start living fully inside the new world. He hopes that CWAC, also, can become part of that process of creation.

The ideal situation for us would be to find someone who is interested in a rental / work exchange hybrid, so that I can contribute to the land and learn in the process whilst offsetting our rent. Pospi can contribute paying normal rent but will probably be hanging out at the Deck a lot and talking to people about how we can leverage tech to make CW an even more sustainable and socially integrated place.

We are open to exploring whatever options manifest themselves, so please feel free to contact us 🙂

  • Price Range - 150

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